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January 19th, 2012, 2:22 pm

Update Schedule

Hmmm I don't think anyone actually reads or checks these news posts so I don't make them often haha. Just in case though, I'm sure you noticed that I usually post Jackie day by day~! I never really stated a posting schedule though- because it will be always changing! Like right now!
I was able to get up these last two parts fairly quickly due to vacation time, but next week school starts for me again so I'll be slowing down on progress. So, part 11 will be posted only twice a week now. Hopefully that'll give me enough time to have the next part up and ready!

Of course, I hope you all still know that these are pages generated from a flash comic format! You can read ALL the updates finished this far at my deviantart:
(Plus, see the fun lil animations in them!)

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